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How it works

Just Color Picker is not just your average color picker. It has a magnifier with 3 different settings, RGB and RYB color wheel to display triads and complementary colors, a color finder for harmonious matching, color code conversions, and much more!

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You can then copy one or all of them to the clipboard. It can also be minimized to the system tray. Color Cop may be small, but it has a lot of great features.

Digital Color Meter – A FREE Mac Color Picker That You Already Own

You can use the eyedropper to grab colors from anywhere on the screen and even use the magnifying glass to zoom in for closer view. You can save up to 7 colors in the history, find complementary and web-safe colors, minimize the app to the system tray, and more.

ColorMania lets you pick colors from anywhere on your screen. There is also a built-in magnifier for greater accuracy. You can also save up to 6 colors in the palette. PixelZoomer is great for grabbing colors and displaying them as HEX code. It works slightly different from the norm because it renders web pages as screenshots and zooms in using a new CSS attribute. This is done so that the pixels are rendered crisp without using anti-aliasing. ColorZilla is just like your basic color picker and eyedropper tool, except it lives in your browser. The built-in palette browser allows you to choose colors from pre-defined color sets and save the most used colors in custom palettes.

Rainbowpicker is inspired from the advanced color picker that can be found in Nvu and ported over to Firefox. Colors are displayed in their HEX and name values; you can also change the hue, saturation and brightness to create slight variation.

Top 5 Best Color Pickers on Windows 10 (For Programmers and Graphic Designers)

Each version is customized to fit your needs. Konfabulator is a desktop version that is available for Mac and Windows. ColourMod V1. ColourMod V2. As you move your mouse around, it will show you the color value of any pixel on the screen. ColorSnapper is very simple and useful.

Using the Mac Color Picker

Grabbed color is automatically copied to the clipboard and can be reused as needed. You can also choose from around 13 different formats if needed. Hex Color Picker puts an extra tab in the system-wide color panel and lets you see the hex code for any color instantly. You can then edit the color using a set of shorthands and see a live preview. You can limit the slider to show only web-safe colors if you prefer. This tool should show up in the color panel of most Cocoa and Carbon apps.

Plain and simple, Pipette lets you grab colors and copy them in HEX format.

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With colorPicker you can grab colors from any web page, then save or copy them to your clipboard. Along with being able to pick colors from any web page, this extension also lets you display guides, rulers, and grids on any web page. It has many features for the rulers, guides and grids, but the color picker itself is pretty basic. Copy colors to one of the many color formats to choose from to use in your project.

Copy a color to the clipboard and paste it into ColorSlurp. This allows you to convert between formats or edit colors with ease. Collections are groups of colors.

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You can create as many collections as you need to keep your colors organized. Quickly edit, create, or access your recent colors with ColorSlurp's powerful color editing tools. Access your recently picked colors or quickly grab a predefined color from the swatches. Watch Video. ColorSlurp The best Mac color picker in the universe!

Powerful Features to Boost Your Productivity ColorSlurp is the ultimate color productivity booster for developers or designers.

A Better color picker for mac

Touch Bar. Pick a Color. Any Color Ultra-accurate. Slurp colors in, Spit them out Copy Copy colors to one of the many color formats to choose from to use in your project.